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Xi Măng PCB 40

Xi Măng FiCO Đa Dụng

Xi Măng FiCO Xây Tô

Xi Mang Da Dung

Nha May Xi Mang

nhà máy xi măng

Nhà Máy Xi Măng

Xi Măng Đa Dụng

san xuat xi mang

Xi Măng Đa Dụng

xi mang viet nam

sản xuất xi măng

Xi Mang

xi mang fico

Xi Măng Việt Nam

xi mang viet nam

xi mang viet nam

nhà máy xi măng

Xi Măng FiCO

Xi Măng

thi truong xi mang

thị trường xi măng

sản phẩm xi măng

cong nghiep xi mang

Công Nghiệp Xi Măng

thị trường xi măng

Thị Trường Xi Măng

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PostHeaderIcon FiCO Cement

FiCO CementCorporation Cement Tay Ninh is a business FiCO share capital contributed by the shareholders: Building Materials Corporation No. 1, Group Vietnam Rubber Industry, Investment Company, Development and Construction (DIC ), An Giang Construction Company, Hoa An Joint Stock Company with a charter capital: 605 billion VND, was issued a business license on 23/12/2004.

January 08.2006, the Company acquired Southern Cement Company and renamed FiCO Cement Plant in Hiep Phuoc - Nha and officially launched FiCO Cement products. Currently, the company's main products are: How PCB40, PCB 40 stations, is produced by modern technology of the Federal Republic of Germany and were present throughout the Southeastern region, the western provinces , Central Vietnam, and Cambodia market ...

The company consists of three plants:

1. Cement plant Hiep Phuoc FiCO with capacity of 500,000 tons / year.

2. Tay Ninh Cement Plant with a capacity of 4,000 tons of clinker / day equivalent to 1.5 million tons cement / year.

3. Cement factory in Binh Duong FiCO capacity of 300,000 tons / year.

Scope of work:

* Manufacturing and trading of cement, building materials, packaging;

* Construction and civil engineering industry, transport, irrigation;

* Sales of real property;

* Transportation by road, waterway, port loading and unloading;

* Manufacturing and trading of special cement (sulphate resistance cement, refractory cement);

* Mining and mineral processing

The project, the plant of the company:

* FiCO cement factory in Tay Ninh with a capacity of 4000 tonne clinker / day, equivalent to 1.5 million tons of cement / year.

* FiCO cement factory in Hiep Phuoc - Nha with a capacity of 500,000 tons of cement / year.

* Factory Cement FiCO Pacific with a capacity of 300,000 tons / year.

* Ben Drag entrepot - Tay Ninh with a capacity of 2 million tons / year.

* The mining capacity of 2 million tons / year.

* Water Factory 3600 m3/day.

* Housing area for specialists and employees in large 12 ha 74 ha residential area of the plant.

* The other aids

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